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Private Motor Insurance


Covers all types of losses and damages to a personal vehicle as a result of theft, hijacking, fire, collision, overturning, explosion, lightning, spraying off the road and third party liabilities. Private Motor Insurance has 3 level:

  • The basic Comprehensive Motor Insurance which covers all that is listed above.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft which only covers loss or damage to the insured’s own vehicle as result of fire, lightning, explosion, theft, or attempted theft and third-party liabilities.
  • Third-Party Only which covers the insured against all sums which he or she may have to pay as compensation for injuries or death to third parties and for accident damage to third party properties.

House Owners Insurance

This policy covers the insured’s building, immovable fixtures and fittings, outbuildings, wall gates and fences on the same premises used solely in connection with the insured structure. It covers the buildings against such perils as fie, lightning, explosion, storms, wind, water, accidental damage to the structure, power surge, housebreaking, theft, and attempt theft followed by forcible entry or exit to name a few. 

House Contents Insurance

Covers household goods and personal effects of the very description on the insured’s property or goods for which the insured is responsible against perils such as fore, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, hail, snow, overflowing water tanks, and pipes, riots strikes, malicious damage, theft, or attempted theft and accidental impacts and falling objects.

Items that can be insured includes stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, television sets, hoovers and all kitchen items, furniture, clothing, etc.

Personal Liability Insurance


It covers the insured and his/her family in the event that they are held responsible for bodily injury, death or illness of any person and damage to third party property. It covers the legal costs and or damages that the insured would be required to pay in compensation as a result. This policy is about financial and legal protection. The insured shouldn’t have to fork out money or bodily injury or for any legal fees that may arise out of your pocket.

For this policy, the limit of indemnity is E2 million and the annual premium is E100.oo per year.

Personal Accident Insurance


This policy provide monetary benefit or financial compensation for the insured, their spouse or children in the event of bodily injuries leading to death, total or partial disability or disablement taking place within the period of insurance.

Depending on the limit and type of cover chosen, this policy can be opened from as little as E250.00 per annum. 


Lilunga Asset Builder

Lilunga Asset Builder is a savings vehicle that combines an investment component with an automatic life insurance cover for individuals between 14 and 64 years old.


An Affordable Comprehensive Funeral Plan For Your Family

What is Wonkhe Wonkhe Funeral Plan?

This is an
insurance cover that pays out a lump sum amount to cover any funeral expenses
in the event a policy holder or any family member passes on. 
Funerals are expensive. They cannot be planned
for. In the event of death, the Wonkhe Wonkhe cover will give you the finances
for a dignified funeral for your loved ones. Cover can be for an individual with no dependents. The Family
plan will cover the main member, spouse and up to six children who are below 21
years. Parents above the age of 65 years are covered under the
Wonkhe Wonkhe Senior citizens plan with a maximum cover of E10, 000. Cover options vary from E5, 000 to E40, 000. Estimate the
funeral expenses you would incur. Then consider how much monthly premium you
can afford. This will help you decide which option to take.


Lilunga Graduate Plan

What does Graduate Plan Without waiver mean?

It means the parent is not taking the option of having to undergo medical examinations which will safeguard the policy of the child from lapsing in the event the parent passes on. Hat is it? This is an Investment product which is tailored to cater for payment of education fees at tertiary education. Lilunga Graduate Plan is categorized into two parts, that is Graduate Plan with Waiver and Without Waiver of premium.

Graduate Plan with Waiver?

Means the parent is willing to go for medical examinations to safeguard the policy of his/or her child from lapsing in the event parent passes on. In essence this means the insurer takes over policy until it reaches maturity.

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