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Commercial Vehicle and Trailers Insurance


The Comprehensive Motorcar Insurance provides the best comprehensive coverage for Commercial Vehicles such as trucks, tractors, buses and kombis. The policy protects the Insured’s vehicle against loss or damage due to accident as well as loss due to theft. Inclusive is Third Party Liability that protects the Insured against liability arising out of loss or damage to other person’s properties (Property Damage) and or injuries of third parties (Bodily Injury).



Insurance against physical loss or damage proximately caused by fire and lightning to an insured property such as buildings, machinery and equipment, stocks in trade, goods in process and other fixed properties. Fire insurance can be extended to cover the following perils: storm, wind, hail, riot, strike and malicious damage.

Business Interruption

This policy indemnifies for losses and expenses following material damage loss to insured property caused by an insured peril. Included are the following: Losses in Net profit, Increase in cost of doing business, loss of rentals and loss of revenue.

Business All Risk Insurance


This policy covers the insured’s property against accidental loss or any misfortune in Africa South of the equator or anywhere else in the world in the course of temporary visits which do not exceed six months. Covered items include gadgets, briefcases, watches, jewellery, trinkets, toilet requisites, sporting equipment and other personal effects generally carried on the person.

Goods In Transit


Covers goods that are being delivered by the insured; to the insured The goods are also covered while in loading and offloading processes; temporary storage during the journey and while in transit.

Office Contents

Protects the office contents against fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, wind, water, earthquake, and impact by animals, vehicles and trees.

Money Insurance

Indemnifies for loss of money stored within insured business premises and money transported from the business premises to the bank and vice-versa, due to robbery



Protects the insured against loss or damage to all contents of any insured building at the insured premises.


Workman’s Compensation


A compulsory insurance for all employers of labor. Covers accidents, disabilities and death arising from occupational accidents.

Fidelity Guarantee

Protects the insured against fraudulent acts of employees (employee’s dishonesty).

Group Personal Accident

Provides monetary benefit for the employees in the event of accidental death or dismemberment arising within the period of insurance.

Mortgage Protection Plan

A policy that pays the balance of any mortgage loan in the event of the death of a member before settlement of such loan.

Capital Disability

A benefit is provided as an extension of the Group Life Assurance Policy and is payable when a member becomes totally and permanently incapacitated from engaging in any occupation for remuneration.


Retirement Fund

Pension Funds: If you are a member of the pension fund, it is a statutory requirement that at least two-thirds of the total value of your retirement benefit secures a compulsory pension often payable monthly for the remainder of your life. Your pension may either be paid directly from your pension fund or be purchased from any registered insurer

Provident Funds: On a provident fund the benefit is payable as a cash lump sum. There are two types of funding method namely Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution.

Umbrella Retirement Fund 

A retirement fund offered to small employers with one set of approved rules, and an employer would set his contribution rates, retirement age and level of risk. The only component that is fixed in the rules is the payment of benefits in the event of retirement, death, or withdrawal of the member. The employer may elect to participate either on the Umbrella Pension Fund or Umbrella Provident Fund

Preservation Fund

This type of retirement benefit serves as a parking bay for withdrawal benefits from Pension and Provident Funds in the sense that when a member withdraws from a retirement fund due to resignation, dismissal, retrenchment or liquidation of the Fund, the member may transfer his money into the Preservation Fund and preserves it until he/she reaches retirement age.

Annuity Plan

This policy offers retiring members of a retirement fund an opportunity to purchase annuities at very competitive rates. The annuity is payable monthly for the rest of the members life and is guaranteed for five or ten years. Widows and orphans annuities are also offered.

Group Life Insurance

A death in service benefit, which is paid as a cash lump sum to the dependents of the deceased person. The Group Life Policy may be taken as a standalone policy or as an additional benefit attached to the Retirement Fund. This benefit is often expressed as a multiple of the member’s annual salary. The benefit can be extended to provide for spouses pension and orphans pension.

Credit Life Insurance

A product is designed for short-term loans such as car loans, personal loans etc. that the company may offer to staff. The benefit is paid on death of the member before the full settlement of the loan

Group Funeral Benefit

This product ensures that one’s family is covered in times of need. The object of the policy is to provide financial assistance towards the cost of funeral in the event of death of a member or his/her immediate family.

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